International Equine, Stud Breeding and Agriculture Academy

Conquela Alstar

Quantum Scio
Colour and Sound Therapy
Alstar Therapies (look under the Jacquie Freemantel Alstar Sector)
Healing and Training with Horses
Horse Sanctuary volunteer work.
Farm Management
Crop Farm Management
Stable Management
Cattle Management
Sheep Management
Agricultural Management
Green Management
Yoga Ancient Teaching of the Eastern Masters - Classes & Worships

School of the Golden

Level One
Yoga 1: Building the vessel of transformation.

Yoga 2: Grounding the Christos
Yoga 3: Reclaiming the Mental
Yoga 4: The Breath of the Pharaohs.

Yoga 6: Kundaria 2.

Yoga 7: Kundaria 3.

Click school of the Golden for level 2 & 3.

Alstar Quest Healing

Alstar Quest Healing
Spiritual Guidance, Psychic Readings, Channelings.
Self Mastery
Soul Astrology Readings
Aromatherapy & Reflexology & Body Stress Release
Acupressure Body Treatment
Feng Shui: Private & Individual Groups & Workshops
Colour Therapy: Individual & Worships
Alstar Soul Remedies
Life Coaching & Relationship Coaching: Individuals & Groups
Soul Safaris & Animal Medicine
Workshops & Training
Management Diseases