Melissa Freemantle Life Coach & Healer

About us: I have trained under the Alstar Systems of Healing for 20 years and Within that umbrella I have studied and apply the following practices which Return the Love and Positive life Force and Divine Presence of the Soul to the body and Life path of the Individual. Personal growth Healing and development as the Aspirant of the Soul- in studying and living the ways of the Masters is the method of guidance given. (mind body soul awareness)


The White Flame of the Tibetan assists deeply to relax the Lower mind and awaken the Higher mind where clear conscious Self Realization begins by working with the principles of the soul and self mastery -I refer to the guidance from A course in Miracles and reference to all teachings of Alice Bailey ,the healing of the Soul and Body as One. For That be the philosophy of the Alstar. I am devotee of Sai Baba and work daily with the Tibetan Master of Service as an Aspirant to The Holiness Dalia Lama.

Alstar Quest Holistic Healing Center
Melissa Freemantle
Cell:    0826210134

Skype: Melissa.freemantle

Phys: 122 Market Street Jukskei Park, Johannesburg North.

  • Soul Readings and Counselling together with

  • DNA Body Therapies with Natural Remedies included

  • Tibetan breath Therapy 

  • Chakra balancing and reading of All energy bodies; thus stress release

  • Spine alignment

  • Detoxing of emotional and mental clearing that is revealed by the DNA in each treatment, thus releasing the causative aspects of all disease and disharmony

  • Relationship healing

  • Family support 

  • Reflexology

  • Massage

  • Meditation skills and visualization in Life soul counselling ,guidance and readings

  • Prayers and atonements of blessings absent healing

  • Releasing patterns that no longer serve you by identifying the CAUSE of Dis-ease and thus Designing A Full treatment program that would best serve you to Heal, taking into consideration all medical history and current stress.

  • Touch Therapies: very gentle soothing therapies that are aligned with Organ balancing and re-growth of positive cells

  • Drawing Therapies




  • Alstar Coaching in the form of One on One sessions : physical address 122 Market street jukskei             park JHB north Alstar Holistic Healing Centre

  • Absent Healing by Email readings / sound Recordings :  0826210134

  • Skype readings/ counselling's : Melissa.freemantle 

  • Training of the Higher Mind through the Tibetan Method of the Soul.


Melissa Freemantle and my master and teacher Lord Zwanski the Flame of Peace

Alstar Therapies include:
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"To live love, is to be love" - Alstar Quest